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Favourite Product of 2015

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
For years I've wanted to try Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses but they weren't available in Australia so I couldn't. I very nearly bought one at the Singapore airport four years ago but didn't because I figured I had enough lip glosses. Silly me.
Favourite product of 2015 A few months after we left Perth a Victoria's Secret store opened at the domestic airport. The cruel irony of that is not lost on me. Thankfully Tiger is happy to pop in there and pick things up for me. The first thing I asked him to get me was a Beauty Rush gloss but they told him they didn't stock them. I was so disappointed and told myself they probably weren't that great anyhow. 

A few months later Tiger came home and presented me with a lovely pink bag. Inside was a Beauty Rush gloss! He'd remembered that I wanted one so when he saw them there he got one for me. As you can see from the photo above, he's returned several times to get me more. 

If you like flavoured glosses, these really are perfect. If you don't like flavoured glosses, they're still awesome. Why do I call Beauty Rush glosses the perfect gloss? They tick every box for me:
  • Hydrating
  • Nice taste
  • Thick enough to last a few hours
  • Non sticky
  • Squeeze tube
  • Don't bleed into lip lines
  • Pretty colours (although thanks to my pigmented lips most of them look clear on me     
I really want to get my hands on Minty Shine, I'm hoping Tiger will be able to find it for me. 
Have you tried Beauty Rush Glosses? What's your all time favorite gloss? What was your favorite product of 2015? 

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