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Favourite Plant of the Week - Schefflera Aff. Chapana

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

Year in year out, every autumn it rewards us with generous sprays of flowers and consequently loads of seeds. Although the flowers in itself are rather nondescript, much like the blooms you see typical of other araliads and the related hedera (although if flowering en-masse they could look good), the abundance of seeds that follow are very impressive.

Favourite Plant of the Week - Schefflera aff. chapana

Schefflera aff. chapana

Now if only we are good at starting plants from seeds! Not that we are incapable, it's just we've both come to terms that we both actually prefer plants  that are 'ready made' - if you may call it that rather than start small from seeds. We're impatient gardeners perhaps, hence a penchance for instant impact? True to some degree but issues with free time and adequate space also comes to play.
Favourite Plant of the Week - Schefflera aff. chapana

I have no doubt the seeds that it produces are viable. But as we haven't tried ourselves and yet want to encourage others who have this plant already to try growing it from seeds, it's best I quote a 'trust' head gardener that we had a chat with before who's had success with them...

I have yet to see any self seeders around the main plant but sown indoors they can come up like cress. Harvest when it looks ripe but before the first hard frosts arrive. Sow the tiny seeds in a very free draining seed potting mix of choice (pure vermiculite he uses) and leave it in a cold frame/unheated greenhouse/gently heated greenhouse (depending on your location) throughout winter. Lots will damp off but eventually you'll get a few to thrive.

Sounds a fine advice to me but I've heard other variations of this too with similar success. There are more ways to skin a cat as they say and seed growing gardeners are no exception to this saying.
Favourite Plant of the Week - Schefflera aff. chapana

With so many seeds perhaps we ought try this advice ourselves, at least once?? 

I'll think about it. Or perhaps just peruse the new catalogues that will go out early next year and check availability...

We join Loree of Danger Garden for the Favourite Plant of the Week meme!

Mark :-)

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