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Favourite Plant of the Week - Clematis Armandii

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

It is evergreen, leafy, undemanding, vigorous, and great for a jungle style garden wherein it can scramble over trellis, pergolas, trees, and over shrubs...

Clematis armandii

Clematis armandii

Drawbacks? It can get too vigorous, and it tends to hang on to its dead leaves that you may have to pick them off manually periodically to keep it looking tidy.

It will need regular pruning if you find it too vigorous and want to keep it within its allocated boundaries. Every few years it may warrant hard pruning, almost starting all over again, and as a bonus you can get much larger leaves on the first year it grows back.

Clematis armandii

Clematis armandii

We used to have several in the garden but only have one now, confined to a portion of the bottom patio pergola alongside a grape vine. Most of the time it just blends away with the other plants in the garden but every spring it rewards us with fragrant blooms that you simply cannot ignore.

Hence it's my favorite plant this week!

We join Loree of Danger Garden in celebrating our favourite plant of the week!

Mark :-)

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