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Favorites Friday.

By Jlynnspeaks @jlynnspeaks


[My mom and I had drinks and girl talk Saturday night.]

The last week's been awesome.  We spent a busy Labor Day weekend running around town with my parents, and have done some major redecorating to the apartment.  We've decided to take this new-found initive and run with it, hopefully refinishing a peice for the bedroom this weekend and possibly buying some patio furniture so we can enjoy the fall weather that's coming our way.


[Starting to pull together fall looks for upcoming season-change shopping.]


[We went to an old-school Southern cafeteria and bought one of everything just to try it.]

Other exciting things that happened this week:

  • Having a dining table to eat at.  It's the little things.
  • Deciding to visit our apartment tennis courts soon.
  • Getting boyfriend a haircut (such a rare occurance, it's always interesting).
  • Boyfriend cracking his whip the second we got home from IKEA and made me organize every messy corner of my vanity area - for which I am now very grateful.
  • Wearing UGGs outside on the porch at night.  It's not cold enough to wear them in public yet, but man they sure are comforting.

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