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Faux Cowhide

By Shoestringpavilion
Oh, I wish I could have the real deal. But there's no room for $200+ real deals in our budget at the moment. For just short of $20 I gave myself the look without the sting in the wallet.
 It was really easy, even those of you who don't normally craft can do this one. Promise :)
Here's what I did.
1. I went to the fabric store and got myself 2 yards of Velboa faux cowhide. It's normally $14.99 at Joann's but they were 40% off. (Notice the smudgy spot? I noticed after taking all the pics that I had a big fat finger print on the lens... Sorry about the unprofessionalism here :) So, disregard that, if you can. It's in every pic unfortunately. Scattered toys and DVDs are a bonus and something I provide for free in almost every single post.)
Faux cowhide
 2. Flipped the fabric over and free-handed a general outline of a standard cowhide with a Sharpie. Some asymmetry is good, it adds to the realism.
Faux cowhide
3. Cut off the excess fabric with scissors. This is a messy affair, be warned. I also tossed the whole thing in the dryer on low heat at this point to get rid off the fuzz. Worked like a charm! This fabric doesn't unravel so things should be good from now on.
Faux cowhide
4. Remembered to take a before picture for the blog!
Faux cowhide
5. Placed my "hide", anchoring the edges under furniture to help keep it in place. That's it!
Faux cowhide
Faux cowhide
Faux cowhide
Faux cowhide
Faux cowhide
A few things to consider.
This is just a flimsy piece of fabric, but it's layered over a sisal rug and carpeting so I think that will help things stay in place. I also placed the hide in the corner of the room where there's not normally that much traffic. I may, if I end up having too much trouble keeping it in place, add some carpet tape or non-slip pad underneath.
It's washable so that should help with the kids and their messy habits.
If I decide down the road that it's not working here it'll work just as well thrown over a bed or hung on the wall.
If you want it to be more like a standard rug with more heft I've seen people back the faux hide with a heavy fabric so that's something to consider as well. 
Anyway, I think this looks really good for the price and it'll give us something to dig our toes into as the winter approaches. Time to snuggle up!
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