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Faust #4, in Cinema

Posted on the 29 September 2011 by Irinastanescu
Faust #4, in cinema
Happy to be able to see Faust again. The perspective is different in cinema. Due to close ups you can see what it's impossible to see if you're inside ROH unless you're in the first rows. So now I noticed the expression of the faces, the beautiful costumes, some suggestive gestures, the strong emotions and also the fact the at the beginning of the first act the book Faust is reading is a... score :) Happy to listen to Angela again. Her voice always goes straight to my heart. Don't ask how it's possible for me to smile and cry at the same time. It's inexplicable overwhelming. Too mushy? Maybe, but I'm allowed. It's 2:30am and I've just seen my fourth Faust of this run. . Faust #4, in cinemaFaust #4, in cinema
Even happier so see that this event was turned into a special one. *the broadcast was at the National Opera House in Bucharest. Watching opera inside the opera house is already a plus. Huge screen, good sound, the atmosphere. *there were a lot of people. A LOT. Half of them, the usuals of the location and cultural events in general. But also many new faces.
*people were smartly dressed, as coming to a live event *there was a poster and there were also programs (which doesn't happen with Met broadcasts) *there was also a small shop that was "attacked" during the interval So congratulations to the organizers! Don't know how difficult it was, but the results were great. Hope to see also Adriana and Tosca... right? . Here ends my Faust adventure. A little bit sad. But looking back, there were two weeks of daydreaming. I  preserve all these feelings and they should last till next year in March.  . Dear Angela, THANK YOU! Over and over and over again.

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