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Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online

Posted on the 12 September 2017 by Kelly Li @narutonofficial

Naruto revolves around bonds, their meaning, their strength, their development and how much it costs for someone to protect them. Along the series, there are several touching moments. Among all rpg games I’ve played, Naruto Online is definitely the number one mmorpg game! Why? It closely follows the original work!

In the Naruto series, there are various hot-blooded and soft moments. Among these softhearted moments, let’s talk about some fathers who gave it all for their sons!

Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online


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Shikaku Nara and Shikamaru Nara
Both of them are rather deep and sometimes hard to grasp by others, both of them don’t interact that much; however, Shikaku deeply trusted Shikamaru as the most capable strategist, the most touching moment is when Shikaku entrusts all future plans, all future lives in the hands of Shikamaru online MMORPG game. Shikaku knew he would soon die, thus, all he could do to protect and demonstrate his love for Shikamaru was to protect and ensure that he would live on to be loved by all others.

Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online


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Sakumo Hatake and Kakashi Hatake
Sakumo Hatake commited suicide when Kakashi was young. Much people from Konoha lost all admiration for him and start to think as Sakumo as someone who could not take responsibility for anything he took on hands. Although dead, the great White Fang of the Leaf could never part ways with the earthly domain of unsolved matters with Kakashi. When the two meet, seeking forgiveness, Sakumo waited in the limbo and when the two meet, Sakumo explains Kakashi his point-of-view and he is forgiven by Kakashi.

Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online


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Minato Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki
Minato feels great guilt towards Naruto. Originally, the Fourth Hokage meant to have Naruto become the savior of Konoha, however, all the pressure and the circumstances made everyone terrified of Naruto which led him to have an horrible time as a child. Nonetheless, as the series progress, we can accurately tell the love of the Fourth Hokage for Naruto and why he did what he did. Even as a child, Minato trusted the whole world in his hands, believing he could become much greater!

Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online


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Might Duy and Might Guy
Might Duy was selfless when it came to convoy his feelings to Might Guy Online mmorpg. He was known as a failure among all ninja in Konoha and was known as the Eternal Low Ninja. Ultimately, he gave his life to protect his son and friends, ensuring that the next generation would continue to grow and mature to protect Konoha!

Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online


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Sage of the Six Paths, Asura and Indra
The Sage of the Six Paths successfully saved the world, however, as a father, he did not manage to realize how important differences can be. Instead, both of his children start to deviate from their father and started to show deeper and deeper differences. He was never able to show them how to love and appreciate each other, instead, they became rivals and their love ended up turning into hate.

Fathers Worth of Respect in Naruto Online

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