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Father’s Day Ideas: Ditch the Ties and Socks!

Posted on the 12 June 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Father’s Day Ideas: Ditch the Ties and Socks!

Father’s Day is here again! Held on the 3rd week of June, it’s an event that isn’t celebrated as largely as other occasions. Do you notice how there’s less fuss about it than mother’s day? That’s a little unfair!

Then again, dads are quite hard to please! If you haven’t gotten him anything yet, I don’t blame you. As much as we love these wonderful men, buying a gift for your dad or your husband is a HARD! So here are some ideas for gifts in case you need inspiration. Let’s try to get more creative than going straight to the ties and socks this year, shall we? 


For the Age Conscious – While men are not as dreadful of age as women are, a lot of men are concerned with their youth, vitality, and looks. If your man is one to put in an extra minute or two into his post-bath ritual, get him a men’s face care product that will keep his skin healthy. Gifting him top of the line facial care products is definitely a good idea as he probably sticks to what he already uses, and this is a chance for him to try something new. Do your research and find one that comes highly recommended by other men and will suit his needs best. Even if he is not one to like putting things on his face, you will never know what he might allow himself to try on his own time. He may not respond well to a spa treatment, but if he is able to do it himself he might give it a go!


For the Cool and Trendy - Gadgets are to guys as shoes are to girls. It appeals to their thirst for tinkering and knowing how things work. You don’t need to get him something super expensive – there are many new gadgets out there that will tickle their fancy. My dad got super psyched when I bought him a portable dehumidifier that can be attached to a water bottle. It’s simple enough to not cost much and intriguing enough for him to brag about. To find the right gadget for your dad, browse through online stores to get the most variety of items to choose from.

For the Fashionable –  A man can never have enough socks, they say… but that doesn’t mean you can get away with just getting him another pair. If you are going to get him another one, why not toss in something a little extra – your time. Fashionable dads are known to have the rule – “Don’t buy my tie.” So take him out shopping. Find out beforehand where the best men’s shops are in the area and take him out for a mini-splurge. He will have an aversion to you taking out your wallet so buy the gift certificate ahead of time to let him know it’s already paid for.


For the Man’s Man - If you are more the wine and cocktail sipping type, you may never understand a dad’s affinity for beer. While getting him a case of beer might be something your mom might frown upon, play to this important knowledge. Take your dad out for beers or for a big piece of steak. Whether he’s the fancy or casual kind of guy, beers and/or steaks can’t be a miss.

Whatever you decide to get your dad or your husband, always know that the best gift is your attention and love. We are all daddy’s little girls deep inside. Showing him that you know this is usually half way the mark of a perfect gift.

Happy father’s day to to the men of your lives! A couple of days to go, so you have lots of time! What are you getting your dad? Comment below or tweet us @mscareergirl!

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