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Fat Balls - You Must Be Having a Laugh!

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Where do I begin writing a blog to suit the theme this week. I have to take you back to 2006. My lovely Mum had talked me into joining her at the Veterans Ball at Blackpool Tower Ballroom. I was a professional dancer and spent most of the evening dancing with elderly ladies who were without partners but desperate to get onto the floor.
Towards the end of the night, a gentleman stood at the edge of the floor and held out his hand, a signal that he would like me to dance with him. I was surprised to find that he was a really good dancer. Ian was visiting from Melbourne, Australia and he was so pleased to have found someone to dance with that he stuck with me and we spent the rest of the evening waltzing and quickstepping. I really enjoyed the experience and was sad to part. He was traveling to London the next day and would then embark on a whistle-stop tour of the UK before traveling on to the USA. We exchanged phone numbers then parted.
A week later I had a phone call from Ian.  He had arrived back in London immediately after the July 7th bombings. He was so worried about flying to the States that I suggested he came back to Blackpool until things had settled down. He said that if I would be his dance partner, he would love to spend more time here. Arrangements were made and he became a temporary lodger for my Mum and we spent the next few weeks dancing.
One day we were in Poulton-le-Fylde market where I was buying seed for my garden birds. Suddenly I heard Ian laughing raucously outside the shop. In the window was a sign that proudly announced, "Fat Balls for your Tits." He took a photo and posted on social media for the amusement of friends and family back in Oz. Whenever I hear the expression, I remember him doubled over laughing. It is a very happy memory.
I am an avid feeder of garden birds and have had some lovely experiences. One year I had two jays regularly visiting my garden and a few years ago was delighted to spot a pair of waxwings in the sycamore tree. One Christmas day, when the ground was covered with snow, my hawthorn tree was still laden with fruit and as I sat down to lunch, a great spotted woodpecker was sitting in my apple tree. I consider myself very lucky.
Every year at this time, I take part in Big Garden Bird Watch, a very worthwhile survey carried out by the RSPB. You only have to spend one hour between the 26 & 28th January logging the birds that visit your own garden. Just click on the link to find details of birds and how to take part.
Fat Balls - you must be having a laugh!
A Winter's Tail
On a bright and bluish Boxing Day When the house is quiet,  The kids away,  I am sitting alone In the peace and the quiet Facing the window Wide and clear, And I gaze to the garden To frosted glass While the tears drip down My wretched cheeks For the love that I lost For the joy that passed Then I stop and I peer at a flash of light Of green and yellow A bird in flight With a soft black cap and a bold black stripe My acrobats are back to their nest.  Dashing and dancing  From limb to limb Of the apple tree with the mouldy trim Swing from strings to a coconut To taste sweet suet and butternut Such delight to my wondering eyes did appear And brought me a smile from ear to ear. 
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