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Fast Paced Practice Drills for Defense

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
The following are defensive drills that are great for keeping everyone moving and working on game-like situations.  Each sequence is intended to be run for about 5 minutes to keep focus high.  Some of the situations require a coach to either throw or hit balls but many can work by players rolling or throwing each other balls.  There are 10 scenarios total.  We usually do not get through all of them in one practice session.  It is pretty fast paced and players can get pretty tired.  They can get sloppy and develop bad habits so a built in water break after a few is a good idea.  Maybe try 5 of them one day and the next five another day.  Create and implement your own sequences based on the needs of your team.  It takes a little planning ahead of time but it's well worth it.
1.  Pitchers and catchers – pass balls to the screen with a throw to the plate.3B – slow rollers, throw to 1B2B and SS – double plays (place a guy half way to first base to receive the throw)OF – find the fence
2.  Pitchers and catchers – squeeze play3B and 2B – 5-4 playSS – slow rollers play to 1B (start on the grass so as to not get hit by the 3rd baseman's throw to 2nd)OF – charge a base hit and throw (can be done anywhere in the outfield)
3.  Pitchers and catchers – pick-offs to 1BOF – ball down RF line, throw to 2nd (SS and 2B are cutoffs and at the bag)3B – backhands
4.  P, C, 3B – pitch and throw to 3B on steal attempt1B – scoopsOF – ball down LF line, throw to 2nd (SS and 2B helping)
5.  P, SS, 2B, 1B – 1-6-33B – hard grounders in all directionsOF – normal fly balls
6.  P, 1B – pitcher covering firstC – blocking (straight on)3B – pop-ups in foul territorySS, 2B, OF – pop-ups in short OF, call offs
7.  3B, SS – diving after balls and getting up (fielders dive with ball already in glove)P, 1B, 2B – ground ball in hole, pitcher coversOF – sun balls
8.  C – pop-ups over the plateP, 1B – Come backers, step & throwSS, 3B – 6-5 play when the runner makes the mistake of trying for thirdOF – charging in on shallow flies
9.  C, 3B, 2B,1B, OF – 5-2-3 play (let some throws to 1st go to the outfield so the outfielders get used to backing up)P, SS – bunts back to pitcher, throw to 2B (2B acts like a 1st baseman and stretches on the force)
10.  C, P, 1B – 1-2-3 play3B, SS, 2B, OF – fly ball communication

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