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Fashionably Inspi(red).

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
Fashionably Inspi(red). My favorite day of the week is finally upon us.  This week I am looking forward to the weekend.  Well, sort of.  I'm on doggy duty for the parents (which is ok) and I'll be taking my laundry over (double-bonus) and I'll stop by and visit the grandparents too.  Most of all I will not be working at the J-O-B but, I will be working on the blog.  I've been somewhat absent from the blog because work has been a bit crazy: year-end, month-end, billing.  This is what happens when you are in the accounting field and the year is almost over.  Anyhow, I'm looking forward to enjoying doggy duty, laundry, and blogging.  Oh, and I hope to finish a project I have been knitting.  Hope to, fingers crossed, and then I can start another one.
Fashionably Inspi(red).Today I'm participating in two linky parties.  If you follow my blog you know who they are...  Fashion Friday over at Blonde Episodes and Friday's Fancies over at {long distance loving}.  Today's theme is courtesy of Alison at {long distance loving} we are using red today to spread the awareness about (RED) and the fight against AIDS relief efforts of our generation.  So we all should participate in the (RED) thing!
My outfit is a tad bit wild from what I normally wear but, I'm willing to "step out" of my comfort zone.  Oh, yes I am!  So, let's get to it:  red, black, McQueen, and skulls.  And if I don't say so myself the accessories ROCK!  Hop over to {long distance loving} for more (RED) outfits and Fashion Friday with Blonde Episodes.
Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend!  I'll see you soon.
Fashionably Inspi(red).
Red...Black...McQueen by hpranitis featuring velvet handbags

Fashionably Inspi(red). Stripe tunic
$221 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Rock Revival patch jeans
$158 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Yves Saint Laurent almond toe pumps
£565 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Alexander McQueen velvet handbag
£960 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Wet Seal disco jewelry
$13 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). EB by Erickson Beamon black jewelry
£8 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Black silver ring
$55 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Dorothy Perkins facets jewelry
£2 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Diane von fürstenberg
£170 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). Alexander McQueen silk chiffon scarve
£165 -
Fashionably Inspi(red). stila cosmetics - long wear liquid lip color
Fashionably Inspi(red). Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Bold Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen
$29 -

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