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Fashion Talk: Amal Al Mulla

By Alla @SugarnSpiceBlog
Fashion Talk: Amal Al Mulla
Amal Al Mulla is the youngest fashion designer in the Kingdom that has a huge passion for the fashion design industry. She recently graduated from the Royal University for women in the Kingdom majoring in fashion design, and pursued her dream directly after graduating and created a brilliant fast moving Ready-to-Wear label!
Fashion Talk: Amal Al Mulla
S&S: What do you enjoy the most about designing clothes? And what is the most challenging part?

AAM: The best part about designing is the opportunity to create and produce pieces that were just mere ideas in your head, expressing certain concepts or thoughts through fashion and actually transforming the intangible to something tangible, beautiful and wearable for others is just such pleasure.
The most challenging part of designing is basically the whole process of it, as delightful working in this field could be, everything  from designing to the production process always has its bumps along the way that needs to be meticulously dealt with, but in the end, with dedication and hard work, challenges are always weighed off by the end result.
S&S: What was your inspiration for your A/W'12 collection?

AAM: The A/W'12 collection, which is out now just in time for fall was inspired by one of my favorite Eras throughout history; which is Art Deco. It was such a revolutionary captivating period that changed the world in so many ways that was important for me to revive through fashion with a personal twist. After a heap of studies and understanding for that particular period, the pieces were designed with its elements and aesthetics hidden behind them but in a way that blends with fashion today.
S&S: What is your fave piece from the line?

AAM: I have to say the second look from the collection. Which is the pale gold structured dress; it was one of my first designs that needed no tweaking or modifying and perfectly defined the collection as whole, characterizing the Era yet breaking it's roughness by maintaining that elegance and sophistication.
S&S: Who is your most influential fashion designer?

AAM: True designers reside forever from the 1900's, and they truly are the genuine inspiration and influence for myself. Mr. Dior did wonders for fashion and Cristobal Balenciaga was a genius.
S&S: What's coming up in your design line next? Tell us a little about your inspiration behind your coming collection for Spring 2013...

AAM: We are currently working on our Spring/Summer'13 collection, it's lively, there is definitely a shift from our fall collection, we are fusing in some bright colors, fresh silhouettes and patterns, something dynamic to fit the season.
To find out more about Amal Al Mulla's collection and future updates, visit the following links: Page

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