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Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections

By Jennifer @jennynov23
fashion month recap
Another round of fashion month has come and gone (almost-Toronto is next baby!) so here I am with another recap of all the fun and of course the fashion. Before I get down to the stunning beaded and silk details I need to vent...

As usual tons of skinny bloggers sat front row and you guessed it, they later didn't have a SINGLE thing to say about the shows. I want to remind the PR peeps who invite these bobble heads to their shows that Selfies and one or two  #OOTD pics on Instagram does NOT constitute fashion week coverage. That complaint of course does not apply to Man Repeller who covered fashion week extensively and with intelligence and humor as per usual. Leandra and her team have earned their spots front row. As for everyone else, if I see another picture of Gelato from Milan or a Selfie in a cab on route to a show I'm gonna throw something, or throw up, or both.  

bloggers at fashion weekIt seems that this season's hottest accessory is an almost fully grown human who lives inside your uterus. Looks like I'm ready for Toronto Fashion Week which kicks off in less than a month, when I will be over 7 months pregnant.
pregnant street styleSo onto the fashion. As usual New York showed most of my favorites, like the stuff I'd definitely wear and most likely also be able to afford without having to sell a Kidney. London had an extended schedule this year which made me so proud. I always thought London didn't get enough respect during fashion week, it used to be 3 days of shows and not even the BLOGGERS venture across the pond for them. But times have changed. Nobody does color and quirk better than the Brits, so obvs I'm a huge fan. Milan was an Italian girls dream come true. Worthy of selling a kidney, and maybe a lung for, I wish I could own most of what came down the runway. Especially the SHOES!! Paris is always a bit too fancy-pants for me, I never spot anything that makes my pulse race, or something I dream about for the next 6 months. I think that's because the Parisian collections lack the quirky, fun aspect. They are all about serious coutre-like pieces. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there was not a single giraffe print blouse in sight, so I struggle there obviously. 
So without further delay here is my roundup of the best of the best...
(New York) Favorite collections: DVF, Rodart, and BCBG

DVF  celebrated 40 years in the biz with a collection of black white, blue and yellow gingham that lead me into sell an organ territory. Also, it increased my depression over the fact that I'm wearing maternity clothing at the moment. I literally want every.single.piece from this collection. LITERALLY!
DVF 40th anniversary
Rodart decided that bling would take center stage with a Swarovski decked out set. There was like ..lots and lots of Swarovski, everywhere.  This is just impressive as hell. Even though I'm not  planning on owning any of these pieces, this collections still it plays to fantasy and who doesn't love sparkly stuff? 

Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
BCBG showed my favorite accessory of NY Fashion Week. Those kimono belts! Man, I'd love to have a waist line again and rock this look.

BCBG runway(London) Favorite collections: Shrimps, Topshop Unique and Burberry
Shrimps is my favorite new discovery. Faux fur in bright colors and great cuts, this up and coming designer knows whats up. I especially love the lavender shall and vest, or "gilet" as the Brits would call it...heehee. 
Shrimps faux fur

Topshop Unique What I loved: lots of denim jackets, stripes, blue and white stuff, and flouncy skirts. Enough said.

cara for topshop

Burberry Prorsum I love the hand painted accessories Burberry has been showing for a few seasons now. My favorite is the yellow sun burst design (see below) and the graffiti inspired print.
Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
(Milan) Favorite Collections: Moschino, Marni and Fendi
Moschino has let me down lately (hello, the Fall collection was an assault on my eye balls and my heart). But since Barbie is back how can I hate? This collection was much less of an insault to respecitble Italians who love Moschino for its show-offy brilliance. The beauty in Moschino is that it balances the fine line between insane and not wearable. That last look, the trench with the silk scarf, I need it. Right now!!

Moschino Barbie

Marni had a pop up flower market for several days to accompany its Spring collection show. I know...floral for spring, how ground breaking, right? But I loved this collection none the less. 

Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
Fendi. Karl you devil, you showed an ass load of denim and even a 3 piece Canadian Tuxedo. I love you.
Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
(Paris) Favorite Collections: Acne Studios, Saint Laurent and Luis Vuitton
Acne Studios impressed me with this bright and slightly futuristic collection. This pattern (below) especially caught my eye.
Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
Saint Laurent was total rock star chic. I can picture Slash wearing most of this collection. Maybe even the shirts. Speaking of skirts, I love that the simple min skirt seems to be back baby! Time to show off our legs ladies.

Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections

Louis Vuitton. Nicolas Ghesquière's first Spring collection for Louis Vuitton was a hit. A lot of this looks like velvet, and very shiny leather, which really excites me. I love the unexpected textures and textiles that usually belong in a different season.

Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
(My favorite collection from Fashion Month) Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana. Blame the fact that I'm Italian, but my fashion motto is "more is more".  Dolce just KNOWS how to do opulence, teetering on the edge of "Are you f*c%ing insane?" (please take note Jeremy Scott when designing for my precious Moschino) I would wear every piece pictured here, minus those booty shorts because I am not Taylor Swift.
Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections
Fashion Month Recap: Spring 2015 Collections

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