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Fashion: Madness by Alexander Wang

By Amy @amzzz1984

EN// Today I found this video on youtube, it's been there for over a week, so maybe you have already come across it. Well I'm not so sure what I think of this. My first reaction was: wow where was I? I want all that stuff! But then, if you see those people running in: they are like animals! Yes, I still want the stuff, and I do think that if I would have the option of getting T by Alexander Wang items for free that my primitive instincts would have the better of me.  The second question that popped in my head was: why on earth would Alexander Wang give items away for free and let World War 3 break out in the same process. I'm guessing: wanting to go viral! If mister Wang gave away all these items, but in a correct order everyone would have gotten one item, no real fuss would be created. Making this short movie, having people like me putting it up on their website, creating that "Why didn't I know this?????!!" feeling, makes people wanting a little piece of the collection. At least I do.  And now the prices of the basic (but oh so perfect fit!) Tee's can go up....and we'll still buy them. Like when he moved the production of those same tee's to another country, and losing all the quality in that same process. Ever tried washing you T by A.Wang shirt more than twice? It looks horrible; but still the fit is so good!  So I'm guessing Mister Wang accomplished the goals of which I think he had: I really wanted to be there, and to make up for that, I'm now going to shop online for one of his oh-so-perfect, but ridiculously over-prices Tee's.... 
NL// Dit filmpje vond ik vandaag, kijkt en huivert. Mijn mening over het filmpje staat hierboven in het engels. Je kunt het vertalen via google translate. Kom je er niet uit: vraag gerust. 
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