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Fashion Illustrator

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Fashion illustratorcreating fashion illustrators worldwide using Adobe Illustrator vector graphics for professional fashion and accessories production. The main applications are for design modeling for clothing and produce reprinting in the production of textiles.

The program profile used in all phases of the creation of the artwork from the original concept for the production of technical finishing line, which is then exported to CAD software. In addition Illustrator color options used to build the mood comprehensive advice or storyboards. The versatility of the program extends to the creation of brochures, posters and even multi-page brochures.

These processes include work with different Illustrator drawing tools, and modifying existing designs and importing photos and drawings to draw. reprinting can be created by signs of maturity, or use of the existing structure. Pantone color libraries, such as color cards are frequently used and can be loaded into Illustrator interface itself. Text and dimensions can be added to the fashion images and company logos and ornate borders. The image is finally a putt for print or web media communication.

The first step in the process is the supply of images, either photos or concept sketches. then a new Illustrator document several art panels are substantially specify multiple pages, but may be in a document created in different sizes. then we import your images into the Illustrator file presented with the functions of space and style. the latter option, a semi-transparent layer closed with a sheet of white drawing shows our image of the previous source is created. The locked layer can unlock to improve the image or move or rotate, and then relock.

The plane became active, then we could use a variety of tools for drawing clothes, for example. It is common for a non-print drawn vertical guide from the vertical ruler on the left side with the Selection tool to provide half the clothes - that's how we draw only half of the pledge and we do that, another half. One popular method is to use the pen tool and click the object blocks a version of the garment to create. We can then Anchor Point tool to move each vertex add softness or plasticity.

Otherwise, we can use the pen tool - has improved greatly in recent versions of Illustrator. Double-click to reveal the pencil tool, the tool options. Move the Smoothing slider on the right, smooth as possible to provide interpretation of its line end - this is unstable smooth irregularities in the solid lines.
drawn half of the garment after we choose the Selection tool and double-click the Reflect tool - the dialog for this tool will open. Tick ​​Preview to see the result and choose vertical thinking. So happy with the result, and then we find the Copy button. The two halves of the garment can be realigned and points of upper and lower anchoring are interconnected. In this way, we have a complete object, which can be filled with a fill color or print repetition.

The various details of the clothes then, are created similarly, adding text and colors, and finally Export to send the Illustrator file as a PDF file to a client.

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