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Fashion Fixation: 40+ Women

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Fashion Fixation: 40+ Women
Good God, I am obsessed with the beauty and the style of "Socks." 
Just look at the mug above: she is at once gorgeous, glammy and tarty, and you just know she'd be fun to hang with. I never tire of her style, which is anything but "age appropriate", but simply, all-ages inspiring. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the glamour tree, as her latest post indicates; her baby girl has award winning style as well. Inspiring? As Desiree would say: Feck yeah!

Fashion Fixation: 40+ Women

Advanced Awesome. (Photo Credit: Ari Seth Cohen)

Seems like I'm not the only one who's become fixated on +40 women who love fashion. Ari recently organized an Advanced Style flash Fashion Show, with many of my favorites modelling on the streets of New York City. I can just see "Socks" parading among them!
Fashion Fixation: 40+ Women

To keep me from blathering on and on about how great Desiree is (because you should just really head over to her blog and see for yourself) I'm going to share with you some other fixating and fabulous women over forty who know how to flirt with fashion.  The list keeps growing and expect to see more posts about some of my "top tier" takes on the creme-de-la-fucking cremes of fabulousness over forty.


Butane Anvil. High-octane awesomeness. Fluevog wearer. Pattern mixer. Sweetheart.
Food Fashion + Flow. The woman is the traffic-stops, jaws drops kind of gorgeous, but that doesn't keep her away from the hot wings. This is a Food/Fashion hybrid blog, not my usual sort of read, but LV keeps life looking delicious.

Gracefully 50
. Fabulous as well as graceful.  And she's a fox at fifty.

Over 50 Feeling 40
. Pam just keeps getting better and better. She is an essential read for all +40 women seeking their own journey to style.

Style Higher
. A new blog from the artist/farmer/business tycoon formerly known as The Style Mentor. This +40 eco-friendly entrepreneur loves shopping vintage and pre-loved designer duds. Focusing her finesse on classic, quality pieces with timeless appeal, Rachel  hardly looks the organic farmer I know her to be. (Disclosure: Rachel is one of my blog sponsors.)
The Style Confessions.
Doll designer, consignment lover, Heather is a So-Cal girl and she rocks. 'Nuff said. (Disclosure: Heather is also one of my blog sponsors)

The Dutch Lady of Fashion. Doubling up on fabulous, Gigi has been as obsessed with shine as I have. And she also knows how to create killer outfits for night and day.
Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog. Wendy B is smart, sexy, savvy and cool. And did I mention she's a bad-ass jewelry designer? Creator of the original [email protected]#! rings.  And hands down, one of the best culture/fashion writers around these parts. She's the Geoffrey Chaucer of the bloggersphere. So read her already.

Fashion Fixation: 40+ Women

There are loads of new blogs listed on the +40 Blog Roll, so head on over and explore more fabulous +40 fashion-ables. 
If YOU have a blog and are over forty, and would like to be added to the list, please leave your name and blog url in the comments. 
If you're on the blog roll, it would be swell if you'd put a blog roll widget on the side bar. Thanks!

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