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Fashion Feature Friday – Undesigned

By Theyouandmecollective @youmecollective
Fashion Feature Friday – Undesigned

Andrew Tunic Mini Dress

If you like to travel, I’m sure you’ve run into the ongoing problem of “what do I pack?!” Well, allow me to introduce you to someone who can solve this dilemma once and for all. Carol Young created her line Undesigned with the urban nomad in mind. These inspired garments are intended to see you through daily life, adventures abroad, and years that pass with their ease of wear and timeless style that allows room for your individuality to shine through.

Not only is Undesigned versatile, effortless, and chic, each piece is made with an intention to have a positive effect on those involved in the process. So, what does ethically-made mean to Carol and her brand?

“Being fair & respectful to everyone we work with — paying a fair wage/price, working within reasonable deadlines, treating people like we would like to be treated.”

Carol’s favorite tactic for shopping conscientiously is skipping run-of-the-mill stores and going directly to the source.

“I think it’s definitely difficult when you’re shopping for mass-produced goods, but easier when you buy closer to the source/producer. For the store, I like to cultivate a personal relationship with the artists/designers I stock and mainly buy from small designers and artists. On a personal level, I think it’s really important to only buy things you love, that are high quality and will last a long time. And I love buying directly from small designers and artists on my travels, and seeing their work spaces and where the magic happens.”

Fashion Feature Friday – Undesigned

Trippen Layers Boot

Carol uses a variety of sources for the fabrics she creates with.

“We have 3 categories of fabrics — Organic/recycled, Technical/Performance and Designer surplus. Organic/Recycled is fabrics sourced/made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, soy and recycled materials such as soda pop bottles. Technical/performance fabrics are chosen for their qualities (durable, ease of care, “pleat-ability”). Last are the Designer Surplus fabrics which are chosen to add “flavor” to the line—these are overstocked or mill end fabrics from other designers/manufacturers that are chosen for color, print, texture, etc. and are usually only available in limited editions.”

To see the amazing fabrics in action, check out these cool videos featuring some very talented dancers.

Because the clothing in the Undesigned line are a breeze to travel with, I had to know which piece was Carol’s favorite.

“Right now I love the Moth Andy dress — it’s a super easy, modern and versatile piece to wear with any kind of shoe and occasion. I first tested it out on a recent trip to Berlin and wore it all day museum hopping and into the night at the philharmonic. And then for the rest of the trip to Vienna, Prague and Paris!”

Fashion Feature Friday – Undesigned

Moth Andy Dress

If you’re tired of trying to find clothing to fit your body type, Undesigned is the answer to your troubles. Fans of the line love the ease and classic style that each piece possesses.

“We design for almost ALL body types—and that our designs are versatile and easy to wear yet modern and timeless. You don’t need to be model perfect to look amazing in our clothes.”

We know that Carol’s muse is the urban nomad, but where does her design inspiration come from?

“Everyday living! Now that I’m a mom of 2 spirited little boys I know that there’s a need for clothing that can survive these 2 guys and still look chic and not “mom-ish”. Also, my customers who are creative, intelligent professional women that gracefully balance their careers and family life. They are an inspiration.”

With the clothing in her collection having such a focus on traveling, I asked Carol to share her favorite travel destination.

“I really loved visiting Vienna and Berlin this past Spring. My husband took me for my birthday (sans boys) for 2 weeks of bliss. I love the integration of the arts into their everyday life (museums, music, street art, small designer producers), and the calm yet edgy vibe of the cities. AND their public transit systems — super clean, efficient & safe with sparkling bathrooms and good café/fast food at every stop! It was great seeing packs of little kids riding the subway by themselves and people NOT glued to their smartphones or talking/texting.”

Fashion Feature Friday – Undesigned

Moth Pencil Knee Skirt

While Carol loves designing, she was able to take some time away from it to enjoy the summer before getting back to work. A few of her highlights were…

“Moving to a 1908 Craftsman that my husband fixed up in Hollywood, planting my succulent garden, camping at Sequoia, having both boys start school full-time so I can design more….!”

Since I’m quite enamored with the current collection, I can’t wait to see what Undesigned will bring us in the future. So, what does Carol have in store for us?

“Collaborations with other designers… stay tuned!”

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Fashion Feature Friday – Undesigned

Moth Caftan

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