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Fashion Feature Friday – Bibico

By Theyouandmecollective @youmecollective
Fashion Feature Friday – Bibico

Grey Cotton Cable Knit Jumper

With a desire to create clothing that had a big impact on style as well as the world, Nieves Ruiz started her fashion line, Bibico, full of casual-chic, easy-to-wear designs. By employing women in fair trade cooperatives, Nieves assists in transforming communities that may not otherwise have these opportunities.

Nieves sums up her aesthetic as “Pure.Simple.Style”. So, what led her to the path toward fashion design?

“I decided to be a fashion designer when I was 18, I come from a family of architects and creative people, so my creativity went into clothing…I went to a fashion School in France, and after my degree, I started working for Zara.”

Nieves is working as a front-runner in transforming the high street into a place where you can get quality, ethically made fashion, which is a breath of fresh air amidst all of the fast-fashion brands.

“I work with underprivileged communities in India & Nepal, so my aim is to empower women by selling a good, fashionable product on the high street and show big retailers that ethical fashion is possible.”

Fashion Feature Friday – Bibico

Boating Stripe Chic Tunic

I feel Nieves is a sort of kindred spirit, as her view on shopping for ethical fashion is quite similar to my own…

“I am not a mega GREEN person, I believe in people, I just think that the best ethical way of shopping is buying less, just buy what you like and do not follow trends, follow your instincts. Consume less & buy things when you just love them! And if they end up been ethical or sustainable or bio that is amazing!!!!”

Which piece does Nieves reach for most often?

“I love the Kelly Dress, so easy to wear it. I have two little girls and in the morning I hardly have time for myself, so I pick my floral Kelly dress and a pair of flat Supergas and I have the look for the day. Pure, simple & stylish!!!”

Fashion Feature Friday – Bibico

Kelly Dress

Bibico fans also love the ease and quality that each piece possess… what keeps them coming back for more?

“The simple shapes with interesting detailing and really good solid fabrics made to last.”

The romantic look and effortless style that is evident throughout the Bibico line begs the question of where the inspiration comes from…

“Nature, simple things in life, the Mediterranean, the summer in the beach, the winter in my house in the countryside, people that I met on the way, the big fabric markets of Mumbai, the skills of my lady knitters in Nepal…society…fashion. It’s a lookup on society really!”

Fashion Feature Friday – Bibico

Pussy-bow Blouse

Sounds magnificent! Nieves also has some exciting things planned for the future of Bibico…

“Keeping our basis as they are now, we are planning to expand and go organic for winter 13. Also, as the economy is tough all around the world, we plan to create a new range of machine-made natural knitwear with a different price range.”

“We do all the social media but we still believe that the best way to communicate is by having a chat over the phone or a chatty walk down the park.”

Visit the Bibico blog, Fairground
Join them on Facebook
Join the mailing list on the front page of their website
Or if you want to ask for something in particular please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

As we inch toward the end of summer, I asked Nieves what the highlight of her summer was, and, I have to say, it sounds spectacular…

“I love the beach, so my highlight of this summer was a full day picnic at my local beach in Spain… surfing, sand castles, Kay flying, swimming, running after my 2 little daughters, tapas on the local merendero and to finish off with a summer party on the little port town… simple but so nice!!! Like most of things in life!”

Painters Blouse

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