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Fashion Communities : Do They Only Revolve on Appearance ?

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Happy Easter to all of you ! Hope you spent a great weekend with all your loved ones and ate a lot of chocolate ! No outfit again today but a post on fashion communities which rests on their users' looks ! Enjoy !
Fashion communities : do they only revolve on appearance ?

I haven't been posting a decent picture of an outfit since a long time and ultimately I don't feel guilty about it. Though the main topic of this blog is fashion, I AM NOT a personal style blogger, I prefer contemplating the phenomenon of fashion and share my thoughts about it with you.  
As a reader of other blogs myself, although I like reading what my other peers write I also appreciate seeing their faces from time to time just to have an idea of how they look. Call me a Peeping Tom or a curious onlooker but I think it is essential to know the face of the person I am reading and interacting with because as strange as it is since I am kind of conversing, and I insist on kind of, with someone whom I don't know and yet feel familiar with it is important for me seeing his/her face. Hence the birth of Moodstyle Monday where I am supposed to show you my face BUT also my style (isn't this blog about fashion after all ? And what is fashion if not appearance ?) for you to know me and feel more close to who I am. 

This said, I haven't been posting a decent picture of an outfit since a long time and I still don't feel guilty about it. I AM DEFINIFITELY NOT a personal style blogger but this doesn't prevent me from wanting to be part of a fashion community to find people who are sharing the same interests as me. When I started Incognito I looked for different communities to be able to find people sharing my passion for fashion, which led me to discover Fashiolista which I suscribed to, Chicisimo which I suscribed to, which I almost susbscribed to but didn't and finally Chictopia which I suscribed to. Despite the differences between these communities, they all revolve on one concept : appearance. Yes, fashion rests a lot  on this concept but not everybody is a fashion blogger and especially a personal style blogger, nor everybody perceive and conceive fashion with the concept of appearance in mind albeit being a huge part of it. This post is not a rant against these fashion communities but having been part of them made me realized how much appearance was taking over the other things which are constituting fashion and leads to a misinterpretation of it by fashion outsiders and even insiders. Finally, agree or not with me, but they also contribute unintentionally, in my humble opinion, to a misinterpretation of fashion blogging in general reducing the genre to one category : personal style blogging. 

So far the more enticing fashion community among the ones I have just mentioned is definitely Chictopia. Besides the fact that you  also post your looks on Chictopia, what sets it apart from the other fashion communities is its blog Everybody Is Ugly where bloggers or people aspiring to be fashion journalists or writers submit well-written and witty articles about the last trends, collections, and their thoughts on fashion in general. And if you read this blog, you know a good witty and possibly well-written  piece is all I'm striving for hence my interest in such a community combining all the sides of fashion and showing that fashion bloggers are more than just people peacocking.

What fashion community do you belong to and why did you choose this particular one ? Let me know !
ps: I know the fashion communities I have mentioned are not the only one, if you happen to know interesting other ones, feel free to tell me !

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