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Fashion | Charity Shopping

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie

Fashion | Charity Shopping

Photo c/o Gianni C Photography

Charity shops - you either love them or you hate them. Some people have the thought that they are catered more towards the older generation and I suppose in one way, yes they are, as the majority of the fashion held in charity shops isn't particularly my cup of tea. However, if you rummage your way through, you really can find some gems in amongst the rails...

The people over at the new Daisy Chain Superstore at Portrack Lane invited me over to have a look around at the new store and I was thrilled. It is a huge two level space with a large furniture section and a small cafe downstairs. Upstairs there are rails upon rails of clothes and a glass cabinet filled with trinkets and jewelry. I was given the task to find some things to show that us, the younger generation, shouldn't disregard Charity shops completely. I found this white crop top with lace detailing, which I think would look fabulous with a pair of Mom jeans! The cute pink beaded necklace is perfect too! I also found a sheer white shirt and a really cool glitter vest. It really does go to show that Charity shopping can be a thing and what's better than buying stuff on the cheap and helping out those in need at the same time? It's a win-win situation! I even picked up a cute lilac passport holder (see here) for only 50p - bargain!

In previous charity shop trips, I've found brands from Topshop to even MinkPink for under £5 - completely worth it! Make sure you let me know your thoughts on Charity shops and if there are place that you consider to shop in? I'd love to know - thanks for reading!

Fashion | Charity Shopping
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