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Farmer Wants a Prostitute

By Erikalust

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, between work and family time, I found myself with a little while to rest, so I got myself a cup of tea and turned the TV on, hoping to find something entertaining. Unfortunately this nice moment didn’t last long, since I ended up watching “Granjero Busca Esposa“, the equivalent of reality show “Farmer wants a wife“.

I already knew about the show but watching it after a long day of work just made think my job was completely useless since that show had millions of viewers and shamelessly spread sexism every Wednesday night.

Farmer wants a Prostitute

Beside the usual drama of these shows, this one in particular takes us back 50 years in the past.

A farmer with a nice house, some money and pets welcomes 2 o 3 women ready to fight to be the final farmer’s lover. A real fairy tale, isn’t?

But let’s point out first that these women compete for a man they don’t know, hence my question: Why?

Well, the concept of the show is apparently based on the fact that we, women, are ready to prostitute ourselves for a nice house and financial security. You know, because we can’t get it ourselves, we have to look for a man to provide for us.

This show is so obvious it makes me sad: Do women have to be with a man to accomplish something? Do they only have their sex to help them get things in life? Is being with a man our ultimate goal in life? And is that what we want to raise our kids with?

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