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Farewell to the Light Bulb

By Selane @SummerEllenLane
Farewell to the Light Bulb
Light bulbs.  They are the normal, everyday fixtures of any room. They provide light for reading, working and eating. They create daytime in the middle of nighttime, and they allow us to stay up later and get up earlier. What once was a society that was entirely dependent on the sun for dictation of daily activities is now one that functions with the aid of electricity and artificial lighting.
The light bulb primarily came about when Thomas Edison popularized the invention - and simplified it. Although there were about 22 reports of incandescent lighting inventions before he came along, his has been the model that has been used for well over a hundred years. It was a marvelous invention.
Today it provides us with the power to light movie sets - the power to turn night into day. It has been giving earth a soft yellow glow for over a century, and on January 1st, 2012, the light bulb will cease to illuminate the world. Why, you may ask? As of the above date, it will be illegal to manufacture incandescent light bulbs in the United States. Instead, store shelves will be stocked with LED and CFL bulbs. The purpose, of course, is to decrease wattage use and be more green.
To be honest, it upsets me that the light bulb will no longer be manufactured. I personally prefer the easy yellow lighting and the soft pop you hear when the bulb burns out. I don't like the harsh glow of the LED or CFL - have you ever noticed how LED lights have an invisible pulsing effect? But that's just me.
On January 1st, the incandescent light bulb will light the world no more.

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