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Farewell To Denzel & The Lace Front Beard | Americas Top Model

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld
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I know I’m about a week late but I just had to write a post about Denzel from America’s Top Model and his lace front beard. Have you ever heard of such a catastrophe?

Farewell, Denzel! Arrivederci, lace front beard!

It will be sad to see Denzel’s handsome face {and gorgeous bod} go. I would much rather his annoying, bitchy girlfriend on the show to go — Mariana. She really can work a nerve, can’t she? {Ok, now I need a moment…3..2..1}. Any who…as I watched Denzel get eliminated (twice by the way), I felt like we lost 2 contestants that night instead of one.

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Lace Front Beard You Must Pack Your Belongings…

Although I felt like 2 contestants got the boot, I will not miss that god-awful lace front beard. What was Tyra thinking? I’ve always admired and respected her makeover choices from past cycles. But that lace front beard was a very bad choice. He looked like a broke-down Abraham Lincoln wanna-be. Let’s see:

  • The texture was all wrong.
  • The shape was all wrong.
  • The angles were all wrong.

It’s Just Wrong I Tell Ya

It was all around wrong! I think we can all agre on that. But my disgust for the lace front beard does not stop there. Oh no, buddies. I recently stumbled across a picture of a runway model sporting a similar catastrophe. Let’s just call him father nature and he has a lace front beard made out of shrubbery.

Then Enters Father Nature…

Is it true? A shrubbery-front beard? Can you believe that trees, grass and flowers were attached to his face? Can this get any worse? What is the fashion industry thinking? Do chime in here and meet me know your thoughts…

Sincerely, Concerned XOXO!

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