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Far Cry 4 Multiplayer Details Revealed

Posted on the 30 October 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Far Cry 4 multiplayer details revealed
PvP in Far Cry 4 will take place during a re-telling of a long-past war that Pagan Min’s elite guard, the Rakshasa, fought against the Golden Path rebellion.
Battles of Kyrat, which was outed in the leaked achievements list, will feature player factions going up against one another with their own unique set of weapons and skills.
The competitive multiplayer feature consists of:
  • 5v5 round-based matches.
  • Asymmetrical gameplay where the players take on each faction. The team with the best overall performance on both wins the match.
  • 20 minutes average match length.
  • 10 maps at launch
Three modes:
  • Outpost – the Golden Path works to establish an outpost in the region while the Rakshasa has to get rid of them and secure the outpost for Pagan Min.
  • Propaganda – the Golden Path has to destroy three Pagan Min installations while the Rakshasa protects them.
  • Demon Mask – both sides have to find the mask and return it to their home base.

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