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FAQ: Where is the Share Button?

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
From an anonymous comment:
 "...where can I find share btn? (P.S. Don't think I'm blind)"
No, anonymous reader, you are not blind. I had a share button and apparently blogger ate my code. I fixed it by adding a new share button. Just above the posts is a line of little icons. Click on those and you can share this blog (or the individual posts) on numerous social websites. I added all of them that were available.
If you don't see one that you use, shoot me an email  and let me know which one you would like added and I will try to find a button for it.
Also, at the end of each post are icons for blog this, twitter, facebook, email this post and Google+ for sharing each post. Just click on the icons to share.
If you run into any problems, just let me know.From The Baker's Acres! Read more at

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