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Fantasy Film Casting 8 – The Matrix

By Newguy

Let’s Recast a Film

You know how us film fans always want to recast a film, well today we play the role of producer and this script has turned up on our desk. The next job is to cast the film as if it the year is 2016, the rules are as simple you can’t use anyone who is in the original film however good or bad you think the film is. So without further ado let’s cast this movie.

Film: The Matrix


Original Cast: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving

New Cast: Chris Evans, Ken Watanabe, Milla Jovovich, Mark Strong

Why I have picked this star:

Keanu Reeves – Chris Evans – Neo

Neo is the everyday computer hacker that discovers the truth about the world he lives in and woken up from the Matrix, he must then fight against Agent Smith to take back over control of the Matrix. I have picked Chris Evans for this role because he is able to give us an emotionless action performance but if we want we can have some one-liners.

Laurence Fishburne – Ken Watanabe – Morpheus

Morpheus is the man that trains Neo in all the extra abilities he will have once inside the Matrix, he believes he is the one that will save the humans from the robot controlled world they find themselves in.

Carrie-Anne Moss – Milla Jovovich – Trinity

Trinity brings Neo out of the Matrix first, she becomes the partner and guide for Neo in his quest to stop Agent Smith as well as becoming the love interest. Milla would be perfect in this role because she is the ultimate kick ass action woman.

Hugo Weaving – Mark Strong – Agent Smith

Agent Smith is the program trying to stop the remaining humans using the Matrix world, he can jump between bodies to track down anyone which does lead to a final showdown with Neo. Mark is one of the most reliable in Hollywood being able to keep a straight calm expression which is needed for this role.

Will you be going to see this new version of the film?
Who would you rather see in this film?

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