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Fantasy Baseball League Note 3/23/13

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
We currently have 11 owners. That is fine as we are not a head to head league and we have met the minimum of ten owners.
We have the following offensive categories: Runs, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP, OPS, and BB
We have the following pitching categories: Wins, Losses, Quality Starts, K's, BB, ERA, Whip, Saves + Holds.
Save + Holds is new and it basically gives equal values to relievers be they set up or closers. In the past people had a hard time getting holds as they were sporadic while saves were more predictable. Saves+Holds gives you a point for a save or a hold and allows a greater number of middle relievers to be used. Thus giving them a equal value to closers. I just figured in the past, some people liked holds, some hated the category and I had researched leagues who used this stat and it SEEMED to be fairly popular.
Like last year the start limit for your team is 200. And all 11 pitching spots are designated P. So i caution while drafting not to load up on all starters as when the 200 start limit is reached, you stop compiling pitching statistics. I would recommend a blend of 6 starters and 5 relievers, or vice versa, but that is up to you. Also, you must accumulate 1000 innings pitched to get pitching stats so it is unwise to load up on all reliever who you think will have low Whips, ERA, BB's but get saves and holds as this strategy could result in you receiving 0 pitching statistics. As in the past I will keep an eye on your Starts and give you heads up if you are way above or below the target goal. Again a mix of 6 starters and 5 relievers works well and remember as well, just because a guy is a starter, you don't have to have him active if its a bad matchup.
Ok, hope that explains enough. The decision to make Saves+Holds a category was mine, as I never receieved definitive input or a majority vote one way or the other. It just seemed to me as a way to add holds back into the mix (after we had eliminated them for 2012).
If anyone has any suggestions or wants to hold a vote prior to the season and change categories I am fine with that, but we require 7 voters to participate. Majority would rule. So if you hate a stat category or want something else, let me know and I will put a poll up.
Again as in years past, if anyone else would like to be commissioner, I gladly will yield the league and the password and that member can be the 2013 commissioner. If interested please let me know prior to the draft as after that it may get more complicated.
Any questions P.M me on the board or send me a message on here!
Good Luck

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