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Fanciful Fabrics & Cozumel, Mexico.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
currently, i have to admit i have a little bit of an obsession with fabrics and the endless options of prints. i love all the colors and different patterns you can find. looking at all these fabrics have my creative mind going.
fanciful fabrics & cozumel, mexico.
our sixth day on the cruise, we were at cozumel. it was a very hot day, and i was recovering from too much sun from the day before, so everyone decided to hit up the local shops. a taxi ride got us to our destination, and for the next 4 hours i attempted to keep track of my husband. he was set on getting free shots of tequilla with my cousin's husband. overall, i must say they probably got 15 shots in, and of course made a silly purchase of mexican wrestling masks of our local nfl teams.
fanciful fabrics & cozumel, mexico.
while in cozumel, i had the chance to use some of my spanish but i must say it was very hard to come up with phrases when put on the spot! i wish we had had more time in port, and that i wasn't so miserable from all the heat and sunburn! i think a future vacation to cozumel is in order!

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