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Family Turmoil at Xmas: A Mum Asks for Your Advice

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Christmas in the post-War United States

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This post is an anonymous guest post


Sorry this is sort of a rant but what would u guys do?


My little boy is two. Me and his dad are together, my family have been fantastic right from the start and have a huge part in his life. My partners mom and dad were shit parents to him, his dad was an abusive, violent alcoholic and his mother a raving hippy and a druggy who abandoned him when he was just 6 in a house on his own.


His nan and a couple of other family members aunts and uncles made out they were really involved and cared when my little one was born and tiny. His mom always pisses me off, she bought drugs into our house when my little boy was 2 weeks old, gave my partner drugs for xmas (he doesnt do drugs) and gave my son NOTHING since he was born. We have now had NO phone call, no card or anything for well over 6 months. It was his birthday a couple of months ago and we heard nothing, now it’s Christmas and nothing.


They knew I was in hospital in the summer really poorly and they didnt call or anything, they knew my partner got a promotion etc and still nothing. My partner has a sister who has a little girl. They are all over them like a rash, always going to see them (we live half an hour away, they live three hours away) phone every day etc etc now they are all writing all over facebook about whose going to whose and what everyone is getting eachother for Christmas.


It feels like a slap in the face. To be honest I don’t like any of them and am not particularly interested in seeing them but I have always made the effort for my partners sake and for my son! My son has tried to ring and go round etc but it was always him making the effort so he stopped, he even thinks that they just dont like boys and prefer girls!! Obviously my partner and son are boys.


To me it seemed they just wanted to be be involved when our little one was cute and tiny but now not interested. I know that they will just randomly try and get us to a family party or something out of the blue because they like to keep up the image of a big happy family and they also say to my little boy “I’m your nana” etc etc and I think err no ur not! You need to fucking earn that title! Dont confuse him, he doesnt even know who you are! I want to say something now or make a point but I don’t know how. I feel like putting something on my status so his sister sees it and it will shoot round the family quicker than you can imagine. But don’t want to sink that low…but im so tempted now.


What would you do?


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