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Familiar with San Diego?

Posted on the 16 May 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

Anyone who's been to California, to Southern California and Los Angeles and especially San Diego--I have, several times, at least--knows it's virtually never, ever 106 degrees there, in the city. It's not usually that hot there even at the hottest time of year, August.
Get this.
Wednesday, it was 106 degrees.  It was that hot.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, along with a many-years-long drought is what that begat, also, Wednesday:

One of the terrific things, rather famously, about San Diego in specific, is that it's nearly always about 65 to 75 wonderful degrees.  Heck, at the worst of Winter, with clouds and rain, it would be cold at about 55 degrees for a high.
That was it.
San Diego, rather famously, had some of the most pleasant, wonderful, mild, moderate temperatures even on the planet, let alone in the United States.
No more.
You know how, in so much of the US, we let our schools out for ice and snow and severe cold weather in the Winters?
In San Diego this week, there were so many fires in the county and the temperatures were so high, they let out schools.
So let's put it all together, just a few things here.
The ice caps are melting, glaciers are melting, average temperatures are rising, as are ocean levels, so much so that coast lines are shrinking and islands are disappearing back into the oceans and now this.
Should we still do nothing to stop pouring carbon dioxide into our atmosphere?
Does that still seem prudent?
To anyone?

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