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Faltering Friday – Fundamentals Finally Matter

Posted on the 24 January 2014 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

We had a nice $1,000 per contract gain on the oil Futures (/CL) this morning, as I said to our Members at 4:15am in the Chat Room:  "The Dollar has found a floor at 80.50 and is back at 80.60 at the moment.  Oil is not going to like that and of course we still like the short at $97.50 on /CL."  We just got out of the trade, taking the money and running at the likely bounce line and now we're looking to re-load at $97 or a cross back below $96.75, but the easy money for the day has already been made.  

I mentioned our oil short in yesterday's post as well (subscribe here if you want to get ideas like this delivered to you every day) as well as our Russell (/TF) futures short at 1,175 and we took that money at ran at 1,163 for another $1,200 per contract winner when I called the turn at 2:50 pm in yesterday's Member Chat.  Gold Futures (/YG) also gave us a $1,000 per contract winner, rising off our $1,235 entry all the way back to $1,265 where we —- took the money and ran!  We didn't do anything special yesterday that we didn't teach you in Tuesday's Webcast on Trading the Futures.  

In fact, if you check out that Webcast link, you'll see that we sent out a trade idea for DBA, which we added to our Long-Term Portfolio for a net $200 credit on Tuesday and already, as of yesterday's close, the trade is already up $250 for a 125% return in just 2 trading days.  Still, that trade is only "on target" as we anticipate making $4,200 (2,100%) if all goes well this year.   That is just one of our 5 Inflation-Fighting Trade Ideas for 2014 at Philstockworld.  

Speaking of out of control inflation – I told you so on Argentina, back on Dec 13th but, like many of the Fundamental concepts we point out at PSW, it takes a little time before the retail investors catch on to our investing premises.  Today, Argentina is on top of every fund manager's agenda as the Government was forced…

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