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False Prophets Warning

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

selling-fear-02 selling-fear-01

Jim Bakker and Rick Joyner have been making some predictions lately

The Sky is Falling!

They are predicting the most hideous terror to fall on America in 2015. Now, I know how possible that is in the real world. We at FOTM have been warning about such things for a while.

The problem is that these guys are not like us. They are salesmen. Their method is to create horrible fear in their audience, and then to sell items to relieve that fear.

We know Jim Bakker from the old PTL Club. I did not know Rick Joyner, who claims to have had a dream that Satan would be unleashed across America from the Mexican border.

Of course, we all know it is possible. We see the nasty things developing out there. We need to trust God in these days. So what’s wrong with listening to a couple of preachers? Nothing at all… if they are honest.

But don’t question these guys. They (claim) that they are God’s Anointed.

So I will burst Rick Joyner’s bubble with the following video of a service at his church.

Don’t blame real Christians because of these 2 counterfeits

I am a pentecostal evangelical Christian. I sometimes choose to pray in tongues. I have seen many answered prayers. I have even seen miracles (not many). But the stuff at Joyners church does not resemble anything I have ever called Christian. In fact, it strongly resembles demonic African tribal religion.

Be warned.

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