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Fall Layers In Summer Temperatures

By Jennifer @jennynov23
Fall Layers In Summer TemperaturesYou crave Fall outfits but Mother Nature is hung up on summer...what to do, what to do? 
I love a good layer. I also naturally gravitate towards cooler weather since I cannot tolerate the heat. I understand how ridiculous I sound when I complain from the months of May-September, because I actually hate summer! But listen, my body was just not made for the heat. Naturally the first day of Fall is a friggin national holiday, best day ever scenario for me. I welcome it with wool sweaters (turtle necks of course), dark denim, scarfs (oh SCARFS.SO.MANY.SCARFS!!) and layer upon layer of whatever I can get my leather-gloved hands on. The only issue with Fall in Toronto is that it hardly exists.

Wait, what? But I've been drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes every day for the past two weeks. Yeah, but its been 30 degrees and sunny. Oh, ok. That's a bit contradictory and very disappointing for us Fall enthusiasts. 

My solution is to utilize what I like to call my "superficial layers", paired with items that reflect the spirit of Fall, but in fabrics that are warm weather friendly. Cotton stripes are a perfect of example. I would even suggest wearing something that's a bit warm for the weather, as long as you dont look ridiculous. I'm talking to YOU, people who I have already spotted wearing wool scarves and over the knee leather boots. I dont mind sweating a little for fashion sake, but full on heat stroke is out of the question. 

Fall Layers In Summer Temperatures
Vests are the best layering piece when its still too warm for hard core layering pieces. This one is a soft crepe material and it can actually be worn on its on as well.
Fall Layers In Summer Temperatures
Fall Layers In Summer Temperatures
fall outfit
Do you fancy yourself a Fall enthusiast? If so how are you coping this time of year? Have you sweat through your bra yet? What are you wearing to stay cool, but still Fallish? Please do share...

Stripe Top - H&M

Vest - Zara
Jeans - Joe Fresh

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