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Faithful and True

By Sue15cat
Faithful and True
This picture graphic (from Google Images) is so true, only in my case all the 'he's' and 'hims' need to be 'she's' and 'hers'.  I hope I am worthy.
Faithful and True
Mavis is doing wonderfully well, she looks at me with those adoring, trusting eyes as if I can do no wrong and I have put her through all this pain and discomfort during the last couple of days. It's all in her best interests long term but she doesn't know that does she!!
 Going back to the vets today for her second antibiotic shot and a check up post-surgery, there was none of the reluctance our other dogs have shown following previous more painful visits.  In fact she bounded in, tail wagging eager to see the nurse.  Although she did flinch and cower down as the ice cold injection went into the skin between her shoulder blades that happy, happy tail did not  miss a beat ..... the wagging continued. 
She sat in the car yesterday, looking up at me from the passenger foot-well where her traveling bed is ..... smiling.  She has never smiled before, true she had that lopsided grin caused by her strangely angled tooth, but this was a real doggy grin, it lasted and lasted.  It was all I could do to try and keep my eyes on the road as she looked up at me showing all her teeth with her eyes sparkling.
Of course it could have been the painkillers she's on, but I like to think that for the first time in a long while she realised that her mouth felt comfortable and the crooked overcrowded teeth that gave her such bad breath were gone for good.
Faithful and True
This could well be Mavis' motto.
She seeks out happiness so well .... and shares it with all those she meets.  Something we should all try to do.
Sue xx

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