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Fading Flowers & Plants

By Stephanie

The look of the garden is always changing with the presence of coleus plants. I have enjoyed the colourful leaves for the past months hence have been delaying the replanting. Very soon, I am afraid I really have to consider replanting those that have grown leggy.

Other plants seem to be fading away including the pots of portulaca and euphorbias.
The yellow firecracker plant below managed to send out a few stalks of blooms though I was pruning it regularly. The stems of the plant can really grow long. They often stretched over the boundary into my neighbour's compound and covering other plants next to it. So I had no choice but to keep cutting overgrown stems.
The pot of Pride of Barbados I have is never tired of flowering. I am liking this plant a lot these days. The flowers attract bees like no other.
Another flower which is of the same colour of the Pride of Barbados is the Mexican Flame Vine. The flowers are brilliantly coloured with orange and yellow too.
The euphorbias that bear dainty white blooms in my garden are my treasured beauties. They however fade fast.
They are easily propagated but I have lost one type already.
A bloom appeared on my variegated gardenia bush last week...
It was wonderful to just walk pass it. It smelt heavenly...
Have a pleasant day!

Fading Flowers & Plants

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