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Faculty Brewing Co (Construction Update 2) – Vancouver

By Mike @mikescraftbeer

Faculty Brewing is finally ramping up construction of the brewery. When i was there in Early January the slab had been cut up and they were working on installing the trade waste interceptor. Now things are finally coming together.

Faculty Brewing Co (Construction Update 2) – Vancouver

The following photos depict the work that has been done.

Photo one and two are of where the tasting bar will be located. To the left of the photos will be where the growler station will be located while the right side will house the bar for ordering drinks. The third photo is where the tank farm will be located in the foreground with the far background where the brew house will be located. Photo four shows where the brew house will be located. The fifth photo shows where the grain milling room will be located although there will be a door to the room once the framing is finished. Photo six was taken from where the bar is going to be located towards the tasting lounge. Number 7 shows the tank farm again in the background. There will be a half height pony wall separating the tasting room from the tank farm. The last photo is the tinny cold room that will house some kegs.

Its great to see some honest to goodness progress going on at Faculty Brewing. Keep up the great work!

Faculty Brewing Co
1830 Ontario
Vancouver, BC

Faculty Brewing Co (Construction Update 2) – Vancouver

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