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Facts on Fruit

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
Facts on Fruit
One of the downfalls about not living at home (with my parents) and living in a small town,  is the lack of fresh (cut) fruit in my life. At my house unless the fruit it cut up no one will eat it, and no one will ever be the person to actually cut it (except my mom, and when she tells us too), but onces it is cut the fruit is gone in a matter of days. 
That was my first fruit lesson, if you want it you have to cut up the whole thing and place it in a bowl. 
The second was: only eat fruits that were in season. This used to bother me when I was younger because I wanted to eat cantaloupe in the dead of winter, but was not allowed. 
So here are the facts: 
Apples: all year long you are good to go Blackberries: May - August  Grapefruit: December - April  Grapes: July - December  Melon: June- November  Oranges: all year long  Peaches: May - October  Pomegranates: August - December  Raspberries: May- November  Strawberries: March - October 

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