Culture Magazine

Face of a Dancer

By Flemmingbo

Some faces capture your eyes immediately. Capturing that possibly un-definable quality in an image is a tough challenge I find. Sometimes I do not notice this quality until I look at the images later. I have two portraits of this striking looking man from the canoe festival in Alotau in Papua New Guinea and I am unable to remember shooting them. This is my second portrait of him, preparing for his groups performance dance at the festival:


The first image can be seen here, Proud Dancer. For this second portrait I wanted to draw attention to only the face so I have darkened and de-saturated the rest of the image. Captured only hours after landing at Alotau being somewhat overwhelmed by everything, I managed a few nice images at this great festival but feel could have performed better. The opportunities were fantastic, so many different dancers and costumes. One fortunately constantly learns.


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