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Fabulous At Every Age : Brooke Shields

By Lookingoodfeelingfab @lookingoodfeel

Fabulous At Every Age : Brooke Shields

She is nearing 50, she is a mother, a stunner, an actor, a wife, a role model and so much more..She is Brooke Shields..
So today I decided to give you a little peek into her life, her diet, her fitness and her 5 secrets to being happy and confident at every age.
The excerpts are taken from her interview which appeared in Shape magazine in 2008, when she was just recovering from a foot surgery..
Brooke Shields: " I cant believe I said Id do this shoot (a bikini shoot) when I havent been able to exercise in eight weeks" she says, pointing to her foot, bandaged from bunion surgery.
But, like a best friend she is eager to share the details o how she dug deep to find the confidence to put on that bikini.
Fabulous At Every Age : Brooke Shields
1.Anticipate Setbacks
  "I was worried about getting out of shape and gaining weight after the surgery. So just as I did with my pregnancies, I decided to go into it at my physical best." That meant ramping up her exercise routine to preemptively drop a few pounds before her surgery. " Spinning is the only way I lose weight."
2.Be Your Own Inspiration
  "Feeling fit is my best motivator. I can only look at myself and remember that feeling and why I liked it."
Fabulous At Every Age : Brooke Shields
3.Eat For Energy
   In the morning she shares the breakfast she makes her daughters: eggs, whole-wheat toast, and fruit smoothies or fruit. For a mid-day snak, she has greek yogurt with honey and for lunch, she often helps the girls finish a bowl of organic shells and cheddar. When she wants to lose weight she knows what corners to cut laying off bread, pasta and desserts. She also works out more.
Fabulous At Every Age : Brooke Shields
4.Find A Balance That Works For You
  It is hard to balance family and work but it is important to find that balance. " If I am with my kids 24/7, I go out of my mind! I'm thinking playdate playdate! But when I am working, I appreciate my time with them even more and give them my undivided attention.
5.Celebrate Your Strengths
  She had her insecurities too, never feeling she was pretty till she was in her 30's. She hopes to help her daughters find that balance sooner. "I catch myself calling them 'pretty girls' or 'beautiful babies', then I remind myself to say, You're smart, strong, brave and beautiful."
Fabulous At Every Age : Brooke Shields
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