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Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover

By Lucy @TheThingsWeDO3

Cheers everyone!

We`re going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert soon! Hooray!

Being a big fan of this great band I was really inspired with the occasion. Suddenly the idea stroke me – why not make an RHCP fan t-shirt?

Recently bought fabric markers would help me to makeover the plain white t-shirt into something spectacular.

So here`s the easy way to make an awesome RHCP fan t-shirt.

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover


- Plain white t-shirt- Fabric markers- piece of cardboard- clothepins- pins

Step 1. Prepare a sketch of the drawing or inscription you would like to have on your t-shirt and print it out in real size.

I found a very nice free font – Cartoon Relief here and came up with the following sketch:

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover


Step 2. Stretch out a t-shirt over the cardboard and fix it with the clothepins. Place the printed picture underneath the t-shirt. The cardboard I used was too wide and I had to fix the image additionaly with the pins.

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover


Step 3. Take a textile marker and start tracing the image. Make sure you don`t twirl or stretch the fabric while drawing. Precision and strong hand will help you trace a very clear and true-to-life picture on your t-shirt.

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover


Step 4. Follow the instructions on the fabric marker you have used. You will either need to wait 1-3 days for the paint to dry or simply iron the t-shirt from the backside. Thanks God I got the second option.

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover


Step 5. (optional) I used an oversized t-shirt and decided to cut off the neckline and roll up the sleeves to add more rock`n`roll to the look. You can find more detailed instructions on how to do this in the Easy T-shirt Makeover tutorial.

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover

So here is the result. I`m ready for the concert!


Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover



Wow. What can I say? RHCP rocked my world. It was the first time I heard them live and I was really impressed by their professionalism. Every little moment of the show was well counted and really emotional, all people at the Stadium felt like a family for two hours of the performance. Thank you guys and do come back again!

And here`s how the t-shirt looked like at the concert

Fabric Markers T-Shirt Makeover

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