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Fabric Ipad Case

By Seamssewcreative

My hubby got a new ipad a few weeks back, and while he had a store bought cover for it, it was lacking in some areas. Enter my sewing machine! A little creative problem solving, and I am very pleased with the end result.
A while ago I oops'd and washed a pair of my hubby's dress pants. His wool dress pants :( Needless to say, they were ruined. But I saved them anyway in the hopes of being able to re-use the fabric to lessen the blow of my bone-headedness. Today was that day! The Glen Plaid was the perfect manly/professional look for his ipad case.
Here are mt assembles materials:
  • Clear plastic vinyl
  • 1 piece Glen Plaid
  • 1 piece black fabric (mine was a synthetic polyester, but you could use anything)
  • 2 sheets card stock
  • 1 piece black felt (not pictured)
  • 1 strip elastic (not pictured)

Fabric ipad caseI cut the fabric about 3/4in bigger than the ipad and cover to give me a little wiggle room in sewing the edges together. I made sure to leave an opening big enough to put the cut pieces of card stock through. The card stock sheets are both about 1/4in smaller all the way around than the ipad.
Fabric ipad caseAfter you sew, clip the corners, and turn inside out. Here is what it looked like while I was still considering a button or snap closure:
Fabric ipad case
And here I am putting the card stock inside the cover...
Fabric ipad case
Make sure you scoot the separate pieces of card stock all the way to the edges, there should be a good 3/4in gap in between them...
I'm not sure if you can tell from this pic, but I covered one side of the case with the clear plastic vinyl. The ipad works perfectly through the plastic, and it has already saved the ipad from at least one spill!
Fabric ipad caseWhen sewing on the vinyl I increase my stitch length so I have fewer punctures in the plastic. This makes it less likely to tear with wear.
On the other side I went with a felt sleeve for the store bought cover to slide into. I left it open on both sides so the magnet built into to cover would still work to turn the ipad off.
Fabric ipad case
Because the magnet was no strong enough to hold the case closed, I attached an elastic band that works to hold the cover open as well as closed.
Fabric ipad case
Overall, I think it looks very neat, professional, and manly (to toot my own horn;) Interested in a full blows tutorial? Let me know!
Happy sewing,

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