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Back After a Long Interim

By Seamssewcreative
Having a second baby puts an amazing demand on your time, patience, sanity, and ability to accomplish anything other than simply making it to the next day. My youngest is now almost three and the crafting bug has bitten again.
Over the past few months I have found myself making things just for the sake of making it, and that has really pulled me back into the world of blogging and my Etsy shop.
Looking back I realize now what a catalog of the things I was doing this blog had become. Having time to get back to these things I am looking forward to having it to look back on in the future.
When I have the time I will post tutorials, or at request. Otherwise I am simply going to focus on the things I am doing and attempting to document with some regularity.
Here's a little sample of some of my newest creations...
Happy crafting!
Back after a long interim
Back after a long interim

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