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Eye Candy : Falling For Innocence

By Rolala @rolalaloves
Eye Candy : Falling For Innocence
I liked this Elle Korea editorial with Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min when I first saw it but had no context for featuring it then. But that was before we started watching the Korean drama Falling For Innocence in which these three star. And I'm looking forward to it's ending this weekend. The plot isn't all that original as far as Asian dramas go but somehow we got sucked in. Jung Kyung Ho plays ruthless businessman Kang Min Ho who discovers his humanity and love after he gets a second chance at life through a heart transplant. He starts to change as he experiences cellular memory syndrome which can pass on certain characteristics, habits and memories of an organ donor to a recipient. Kim So Yeon is the woman his heart loves and Yoon Hyun Min is his business and romantic rival. I've been a fan of Kim So Yeon since All About Eve. She is consistently good in everything I've seen her in and this is no exception. She even manages to still look fresh and pretty throughout the live shooting process when others start showing signs of wear. I wasn't really familiar with Jung Kyung Ho or Yoon Hyun Min's work though I did read that they're actually good friends in real life who've acted together a few times before most notably in Heartless City. Jung Kyung Ho has been impressive in his portrayal of the progression of his character. I like that they didn't have him turn into a completely different person instead he finds another side of himself. I hated the way Min Ho was so rough with Kim Soon Jung in the beginning but at least he realizes this and tries to make up for it later which is quite endearing. The way they styled him in this pictorial is very similar to his character especially in the photos where he has a denim jacket layered under a velvet blazer and his hair looks the same at the start of the show. I kinda wish they kept it that way cause the style works on him. The first pic of So Yeon and Kyung Ho really rocks! If you're interested in Falling For Soon Jung, you can watch it online on Dramafever or Viki.
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