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Extreme DOG House Makeovers of the Future!

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws

Extreme DOG House Makeovers of the Future!

Is this how dogs will be living in the future? | The Sims Resource

DOG houses has recently evolved into more than just a roof over your dog. With the recent elevation of status that dogs are receiving, evident in the the cropping up of salon services, hotels and daycare, you might just be wondering how pooches are living the high life. You might be surprised to learn that some people are literally turning their homes into their dog's home.

Extreme DOG House Makeovers of the Future!

Another use for your staircase: a full-blown dog house | love and kisses pet sitting

With a little extra space and imagination, your canine could have his own custom dog house! The collage image above shows four different variations and styles which you could dress up your dog's entrance. Based on the style and space available, you could go for a small but yet contemporary look; traditional dog house facade with your pooches name at the top, a french door style look, or a a playhouse theme.


If bold colors and crisp lines are what you've been looking for try the minimalist approach. Its modest use of space, for those with limited square footage underneath the stairs, makes a great solution.

Extreme DOG House Makeovers of the Future!

Contemporary themes with bold colors and crisp lines complement this doghouse | thedesignfiles.net

Confined on space or not ready for the big doggie renovation? Ready-made
DOG MANSIONS will suit a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles. 

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