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Posted on the 10 October 2018 by Hmcurator

While browsing the online collections of the Strong National Museum of Play, I found a page for the Casper the Friendly Ghost game. I wanted some way to tie this new information to the exhibit, and to the BoardGameGeek link I had shared on the original post.

The solution was obvious. Similar to Wikipedia, I have added a section below the table of interpretive information for “External links:”. I am not sure why I did not think of this when I was originally designing the exhibit pages.

In addition to the Casper exhibit page, I have updated the JA-RU Richie Rich Rich Kid Set and Big Spender exhibits, the five Hungerford figure exhibits, the three Parachute story record exhibits, and I moved the link from the Larami manufacturer page to each of the four Richie Rich Old Timer Cars. I hope you find this change helpful.

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