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Extended Blooms

By Stephanie

I have been growing my Sandpaper Vine (Botanical name: Petrea volubilis) for a number of years in a 12-inch pot. The vine was earlier placed at a location that is just below the gutter of my porch. So whenever the gutter overflows due to the heavy rain, the splash can be too strong for the vine to take.

Recently I found a new small spot for the vine to be moved away from where the gutter is. The vine now flowers more often.

The pic below shows the second raceme flower (a n indeterminate inflorescence and the flowers are arranged along a single central axis) which was developed on the same stalk of an earlier one.

Extended Blooms

And here is a video of it...

The pic below was snapped the day before the deep purple flowers blossomed from this second raceme. Notice that delicate dried branch? That was all that's left from the earlier raceme. You can see the flowers again in my earlier post.

Extended Blooms

So you see, it is better to just leave the old raceme alone after the flowers have faded for the vine might just bloom again.

Extended Blooms

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