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Expressing Our Family Kleenex Style!

By Michelle Hernandez @Familylovesa
Post Sponsored by Kleenex. 
Two words. Polar Vortex. Paired with the allergies and this fickle weather in South Texas, there have been tons of sniffling noses and sneezes to go around. More than usual.
Kleenex is celebrating their 90th anniversary with tons of tissue varieties and designs to suite all of our needs. The amazing tissue styles allow us to express our personal style while trying to stay healthy at the same time!
My favorite are the slim packs. Each pack contains 3 stylish designs and my kids actually want to take their Kleenex to school. I hope it encourages them to blow their nose as much as they can to get those germs out their body! Expressing our family Kleenex Style! They also fit perfect in the front pockets of their little hoodies. Expressing our family Kleenex Style! Me, personally? I am a neutrals and grays type girl. It matches the zen of my bedroom.  Expressing our family Kleenex Style! They are so stylish that they even made it as a gift with our teacher's valentine!
Expressing our family Kleenex Style!
So what's your style? Click to find out at the Kleenex Style Studio! 
And while you're there, see if you can tell the difference between the runway designs and the Kleenex design by playing "Catwalk v. Kleenex" located at the top right corner tab labeled "sweeps". 
Come back and let me know what you think!
And Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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