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Exploring Neighborhoods

By Travelersmind
It was one of the first nice days in a very long time, so I took the opportunity to walk instead of drive to run my errands. With any luck, the weather is only going to get nicer, which means more chances to go wandering around the city. The beauty of Chicago is its diversity, and there are 77 distinct neighborhoods each of which has a unique history and tradition. The best way to see these neighborhoods is to explore them on foot. Of course, it's difficult to know where to begin, especially with so many places to see. That's where Chicago Neighborhood Tours comes in.
Exploring NeighborhoodsEach tour is designed to allow visitors--and even locals--to experience different areas of the city that they may not have thought to see. Among the most popular tours is Chicago's Magnificent Churches, which visits some of the city's amazing houses of worship. The locations vary from tour to tour, but each church has its own intricacies, history and customs. The Taste of the Neighborhoods is another popular tour, which takes guests on a delectable journey to some of the city's best eateries. Tours include two restaurants and a dessert stop, and destinations change every two months. Other tours this year include Uptown & Argyle Street, Wicker Park & Ukrainian Village, and Columbus Park & Garfield Park. All tours go by motor coach and foot, and last anywhere from two to four hours. Prices and dates of each tour vary.
While I am opposed to paying to do something I could probably do on my own, I would consider doing one of these tours mostly because the guide will provide more information and background about places that I would not learn otherwise. When you go exploring by yourself, you can certainly discover a lot, but having someone who is familiar with the area allows you to connect on a deeper level. I think the weather is still too iffy to schedule a tour this month, but maybe once summer rolls around I can participate in one. Now I just have to figure out which one I want to go on, there are way too many great choices. 

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