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Explore Internet Explorer 10

Posted on the 14 July 2011 by Techsea360 @techsea360

Windows Internet Explorer 10: 
                                 It is the next ultimate ultimate version of IE currently developed by Microsoft.They have confirmed that this will only run on Windows 7 and Microsoft upcoming OS Windows 8. Internet Explorer 10 was first announced on April 12,2011 at MIX 11 conference.
Windows Internet Explorer 10 Features:
                                IE 10 will support full hardware acceleration.It will take your GPU to power up the presentation of the page.I have experienced this phenomenal feature and you can too.
                                                             see: Fireflies 
It supports HTML 5.Which is a very advanced.I have reviewed it it support options included in the text box. It looks very attractive and fresh.
EXPLORE INTERNET EXPLORER 10                                                             see:HTML5 forms
It also add support for CSS3 float.Which is new to almost everybody.It also supports graphical capability.
                                                            see:How Stuff Works
requestAnimation API Frames gives developer a power efficient and smooth animation.
                                                             see:requestAnimation API
It does not uses over drawing.Over drawing actually lade to choppier animation and it also slows down your site's loading.


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