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EXPLORE ART: "Stained Glass" Spider Webs

By Myjoneses
With Halloween right around the corner, Cy had fun creating these "stained glass" spider webs.  Here's our project all you need is puffy paint, wax paper, watercolors and scissors.  At the end of the my description I've posted a fall color wheel I made for Cy to work on.
Rip off a good sheet of wax paper.  I ripped off the length of a cookie tin sheet so I could move and set it aside.  Take your puffy paint, we had black, and make a group of consecutive circles.  Then from the center draw lines outward, however many you want for a good spiderweb. Last add a little line, string with a little spider hanging from it.
Set this aside to dry for awhile.  Once dry set up your child with watercolors and let them go.  I encouraged Cy to use different colors in each section of the spider web.  He did this on a few and then also did a monotone one.
Cy had fun experimenting with different colors and then we set the spiderwebs aside once again to dry.  Once dry I cut them out with scalloped edges.
Tape to the window with double sided tape or a rolled piece of scotch tape.  And there you go "stained glass" spider webs..... spooky yet so colorful!
If your child had fun experimenting and using colors here's a fall leaf color wheel.  Have them name and identify primary colors, red, yellow, blue, in the center and then work on which combinations make your secondary colors, orange, green, purple. 
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